Types of Membership

National Member: This is for those who are also members of National SHRMActive SHRM members will need to provide their SHRM member identification number, in order to qualify. Please note; SHRM dues must be paid to SHRM directly.

Please note: If you have NOT yet designated Big Bend SHRM as your affiliate chapter, please send your SHRM ID# and expiration date to our Membership Chair at membership@bigbendshrm.org.

Non-National Member: This is for those who wish to be a member of our chapter and do not hold membership in SHRM. 

Student: A student is defined as an individual currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program taking at least six (6) credit hours per semester. The coursework, taken or planned, supports an interest in Human Resource Management or a related degree program. Existing professional members are not eligible to downgrade to student membership. Additionally, students who are in established, professional roles will retain their current professional SHRM membership status.

In Transition: This membership option is available to ACTIVE members of Big Bend SHRM that are currently unemployed. Members in transition are responsible for any monthly chapter meeting they register to attend as well as the other Big Bend SHRM events including the HR Tallahassee Conference. To register as an in transition member, please contact our Membership Chair at membership@bigbendshrm.org.  

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