Chapter History

The Big Bend Society for Human Resource Management (Big Bend SHRM) is the local chapter for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Big Bend SHRM, founded in 1983 as North Florida Personnel Association (NFPA) has served the human resource profession for over 33 years.

At three years old, NFPA peaked at 41 members, that was a seventy-five percent increase from year one. In 1990, NFPA was renamed Human Resource Association of Tallahassee (HRAT). HRAT increased its service to the human resource and business community, forming partnerships with the Chamber of Commerce, WFSU and other organizations. By 1996, membership exceeded 100 members for the first time, began offering new member orientations and launching a new website. Five years later HRAT became BBSHRM, implementing a sponsorship program. Big Bend SHRM is enriched with it’s past, making the chapter a success over the last 33+ years.

Today, Big Bend SHRM prepares for the future with a new brand and a new image. One of the most respected chapters within the HR Florida State Council, we continue to win awards. In 2008 our president was named HR Professional of the Year for the entire state and we were recognized for our membership, college relations and donations to the SHRM foundation. Our chapter has been active in laws and bills, including “Guns in the Workplace”. Big Bend SHRM is over 250 members strong, representing over 140 public and private entities in various industries. This organization will continue to serve as an advocate for the HR Profession for the next 25 years and counting.

The goal of Big Bend SHRM is to promote a high standard of excellence for human resource practioners in the Big Bend area through the following activities: 

  • Professional development - Meetings, seminars, workshops, HRCI certification review, and participation in regional, state and national conventions
  • Networking opportunities - A forum for meeting and networking with other HR professionals through monthly educational meetings, leadership committees and special events
  • Current events - Information on topics of interest and current events affecting the human resource profession at the national and state levels through presentations, newsletters, e-mail announcements and more
  • Community involvement - An avenue to give back to the community through our “Spare Change” initiative that collects money at each monthly meeting, is matched by the Chapter and then donated to a local charitable organization



Doris Dunlap    Bill Graham

Denise Horne    Nancy Mick

Bob Armstrong (Deceased)  Beth Sutherland (Deceased)



1983 Doris Dunlap

1984 Doris Dunlap

1985 Callie Bailey

1986 Jim Santoro

1987 Nancy Mick

1988 Christine Sloan

1989 Jodi Gooding

1990 Larry Fabiano

1991 Alecia Runyon

1992 Bobby Thompson

1993 Della Thomas

1994 Karen Spurlin

1995 Duncan Hoehn

1996 Jeanne Kimball

1997 John Carbonell

1998 John Carbonell

1999 Virginia Cartwright


2000 Ann Riley

2001 Marilyn McGhee

2002 Keith Dutton/Carolyn Coleman

2003 Claudia Foreman/Queenell Fox

2004 Quenelle Fox/Carol deJarnette

2005 George Allen

2006 John Carbonell/Jacqui Zarba

2007 Jacqui Zarba

2008 Joyce Chastain

2009 Stephen Geraghty-Harrsion

2010 Miriam Watkins

2011 Karen Goodlett

2012 Priya Hiraga

2013 Priya Hiraga

2014 Ann Schulte

2015 Tammie Eldred

2016 Colene Rogers

2017 Linda Barrineau

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