Pre-Paid Lunch Policy

Pre-paid lunches that cover less than the 12 month membership/calendar year are difficult to manage with the current software and are administratively burdensome for members of the Board and Leadership. Misunderstandings with prepaid lunches give rise to customer
dissatisfaction. Effective with 2015, prepaid lunches will be offered to individual BBSHRM members for the full program year only. The program year consists of eleven (11) member meetings which equates to $20.00 x 11 = $220.00/year (the twelfth month is full-day HR Tallahassee) The pre-paid lunch option is administered as outlined below:

a) Prepaid lunches are sold to individual BBHSRM members in an 11-pack only, which covers January – December. The 11-pack lunches must be paid in full ($220.00), no later than January 1st of each calendar year.

b) There is no rollover of prepaid lunches from one calendar/program year into the next.
Unused lunches will be forfeited on December 31 of each year.

c) Prepaid lunches can be transferred to another attendee. If the attendee is a BBSHRM
member, member rate applies; if the attendee is a non-member, the non-member must pay the difference in rate on or before the date of the luncheon. If the difference is not paid timely by the non-member attendee, the BBSHRM member to whom the prepaid lunch belongs will be invoiced for the difference in rate and must pay this difference before the next regularly schedule lunch meeting.

d) Prepaid lunch attendees must make a reservation every month, in accordance with the
reservation policy/notice and must follow the cancellation policy/notice. 
Reservation/cancellation allows Board/Leadership to track and reconcile attendance with the
Country Club for each meeting. In the event a prepaid lunch reservation is not canceled by the policy/notice period, the non-cancellation will cause the prepaid lunch to be forfeited for that month.

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