2017 Initiatives

Welcome to the BBSHRM website!  BBSHRM is committed to:

  • ·       SERVING the membership by offering valuable programs and opportunities;
  • ·       GROWING the membership strength of knowledge and increasing the membership;
  • ·       LEADING in the community by continuing to be the go-to group for Human Resource matters.

Below are some exciting opportunities and information for 2017!

1. The HR Tallahassee Conference this year is on June 14, 2017. There are several new speakers on topics you have requested and 6.5 SHRM/HRCI recertification credits! 

2. Master Series is returning in 2017!  In response to the survey results, we are planning to host   two “Masters Series” sessions, with convenient locations, which will be announced. This format lends itself to 2-hour sessions and more in-depth presentations on relevant topics by regional and national speakers.

Hope you plan to come and bring some colleagues! There are four (4) PDC/CEU credits available for the two presentations!

3. WebEx now available!  Many of you know people who are unable to attend our lunch meetings because they work to far from downtown. We want to see each of you every month, but for those unable to attend, especially our colleagues in the surrounding counties, we offer a live WebEx option. There are 11 PDC/CEU credits available for lunch meetings! 

4 Certification!  If you study for your certification via classes hosted by Big Bend SHRM and pass, the $100 class enrollment fee will be refunded to you! Two SHRM certification classes will be offered this year and we hope to see more people certified than ever!

Plus, up to 36 more for facilitating a SHRM study group, as well as earn PDCs for speaking/teaching at a SHRM study group session(s).

5. Networking! You told us that you want more networking events. Last year we had one, this year we will have two at no charge! We will also allocate certain amount of speed networking time at each of our monthly meetings. 

6. Membership Promotion!  The goal is to increase our membership to 300+ in 2017. One way you can let others experience Big Bend SHRM is by offering you one free lunch guest per year.  BTW, this must be the guest's first meeting!

We will follow up with them after the meeting to check on their experience.

7. Credits?  Did you know that if you attend all the Big Bend SHRM 2017 initiatives you can earn 23.5 recertification credits needed for SHRM/HRCI? Plus 36 more for the SHRM certification class. You can add 16 more by attending HR Florida! That is a total of 75.5 possible credits in one year! Now that is a lot of HR knowledge!

8. Employment Law Session Returns!  Annual Survey results reveal that you want to hear about employment law more than anything else. We will host one Employment Law Session in 2017.   Scott Callen, Esq. serves as our legislative chair is an employment law attorney and will be facilitating the ELS. This will give your supervisors and managers an opportunity to get that much-needed training. The rates are extremely affordable!  

The date, time and location will be posted on the website. Recertification Credits are available!

9. Monthly Membership Meetings Other topics you want to hear about are Onboarding, FSLA, Managing Employee Relations, Leadership, Training & Development, & Succession Planning. We are working to bring speakers to discuss these topics with you!

10. Communication!  We also heard you say you want more communication via direct mail, social media and the web site…it’s coming your way!

11. Free Lunch?  SHRM members know the benefits of the national association. We want to encourage others to join SHRM. Any BBSHRM member that joins SHRM for the first time, we're offering a free lunch meeting!

12. Volunteers rock!  It’s important that you get involved with BBSHRM. The Big Bend SHRM Volunteer of the Year award program will continue in 2017. Board members are not eligible for this award. We are looking for the individual that serves on committees, attends our monthly meetings, HR Tallahassee and other events.

We also look for involvement in our community opportunities like workforce readiness, HR Tally, HR Florida or serves as a mentor for our new Diversity & Inclusion initiative. You can also get recertification credit for volunteer work as well!

13. Interns & Involvement?  BBSHRM continues to develop the internship program, workforce readiness opportunities and community outreach!

14. Website & Video!  One last thing, make sure you watch and share the updated 2017 video at http://bigbendshrm20.wildapricot.org. While you are there, take a look around - we are refreshing our look!

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